Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

Everyone is sensitive to a degree, but 30% of people are highly sensitive. Use this quick quiz to find out if you’re one of them.

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I spend a lot of time thinking and reflecting on events in my life.

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I can notice and appreciate subtle flavors, smells, or sounds.

3 / 28

Sometimes I just need to physically withdraw somewhere quiet and calm — or even dark — during an event, the workday, or any stimulating activity.

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I overthink things.

5 / 28

Caffeine (and possibly medication) seems to affect me more strongly than others.

6 / 28

I take time to warm up to new situations. I prefer to watch from the sidelines at first, or ease in slowly.

7 / 28

I do worse at things if someone is watching me do them, or if I have to compete with others.

8 / 28

I get bothered by small sensations, like scratchy fabric or scented moisturizer.

9 / 28

I seem to feel pain more easily, or more strongly, than other people do.

10 / 28

I’m moved by artwork and things of beauty.

11 / 28

I have a strong, visceral reaction to scenes of violence, and try not to watch gory or cruel media.

12 / 28

I find bright lights, loud spaces, or strong fragrances to be “too much.”

13 / 28

As a kid, I was described as shy or sensitive, or sometimes hung back to watch before joining in activities with other children.

14 / 28

I enjoy deep conversations but dislike chatting about superficial topics.

15 / 28

I seem to have stronger emotional reactions compared to others.

16 / 28

I do a lot of research or consider lots of details before making a plan or a decision.

17 / 28

I like to do the best job I possibly can on things, to a high standard of quality.

18 / 28

Criticism hits me harder than it seems to hit others.

19 / 28

I need a sense of meaning in my life, and it’s important to me to pursue bigger, more meaningful things.

20 / 28

I get frazzled by chaotic, crowded, or highly stimulating situations (like large parties, loud restaurants, networking events, etc.).

21 / 28

I notice small changes in people’s facial expressions or body language, even when others don’t notice.

22 / 28

I’m deeply affected by other people’s moods.

23 / 28

I dislike having lots of things going on at once.

24 / 28

I have a rich inner life.

25 / 28

Friends would describe me as easily startled.

26 / 28

I strongly dislike conflict.

27 / 28

I prefer taking time to think before I respond, and I often don’t think of the right thing to say till a few minutes later.

28 / 28

My physical surroundings strongly influence my mood and energy level.