Highly Sensitive Refuge


Are you looking for an expert on highly sensitive people? We can help.

Highly Sensitive Refuge co-founders Jenn Granneman and Andre Sólo are working to transform the way the world sees sensitivity. We believe this long-misunderstood trait is a gift, and can be a source of strength for those who are highly sensitive. We are HSP advocates and we are happy to speak to journalists, podcasters, and other media.

Our goal is simple: to educate the public and to help sensitive people thrive. We are familiar with both the cognitive research and the human side of what it means to be sensitive.

  • Andre Sólo blogs about high sensitivity for Psychology Today. He has been a featured speaker at the international conference series, the Hero Round Table, and a featured guest in personality development courses for Personality Hacker. He has appeared on the BBC and numerous podcasts and radio shows, and his writing has been featured at Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution, the Huffington Post, the Muse, the Mighty, and the Good Men Project.
  • Jenn Granneman is the author of the international hit book The Secret Lives of Introverts. She has been a leading voice on high sensitivity and introversion since 2014, and is the founder of Introvert, Dear, the world’s largest website for introverts, as well as the co-host of the Introvert, Dear Podcast. She has appeared in Glamour magazine, on the BBC and on dozens of podcasts; has been featured in Buzzfeed; and has written for the Huffington Post, Quiet Revolution, Psychology Today, and other outlets.

To contact us about an interview or media appearance, please email [email protected]. We are comfortable on TV and speaking in front of audiences, as well as other formats.