We’re a growing content site that’s been featured on Forbes, Psychology Today, Oprah Daily, Time, CNBC, and more.

Sensitive Refuge is searching for an experienced editor. This person will work directly with writers in our community and our co-founder, Andre Sólo.

  • Must have professional experience writing and editing online content
  • Freelance, about 10 hours a week with room for growth
  • Remote position — work from home/live anywhere
  • We want someone who will grow with us long-term

We strongly recommend that you take a moment to familiarize yourself with the site and our work before applying.

Our Editing Philosophy

We are a small organization competing with some of the largest content sites in the world. We have maintained our position as the leading site for sensitive people by maintaining very high standards for authoritative, compelling, fresh content. That’s where you come in.

Our editor must bring a deep understanding of what makes an article “work,” have a knack for finding an angle to hook a reader, be comfortable doing developmental editing, and make sure each piece provides real value for readers. Every article has to make a compelling promise to the reader; pull people in and keep pulling them through with surprising, non-generic insights; and deliver on its promise by helping our audience or giving them an “aha” moment.

We also have a mission. Sensitive Refuge exists to change the way people think about being sensitive, to remove the stigma, and to help sensitive people embrace their sensitivity as one of their greatest gifts. We believe that sensitivity is an evolutionary advantage that helps humanity move forward. The articles you edit directly serve that mission by spreading the information, insight and inspiration that drives that change. The more an article pulls people in, the more the word spreads about what being sensitive really means — and the strengths that come with it.

Your Talents

  • Experienced (with a portfolio) in editing feature blog content. We’re looking for someone with experience making content succeed with a mainstream audience — the kind of thing people share because it helps them feel seen and understood.
  • Experienced in developing, writing, and editing authoritative fact-based content, meaty think pieces, and insightful personal stories.
  • Knows how to break a story, find a compelling angle, and hook a reader.
  • Self-starter, takes charge, stays on top of project deliverables, communicates proactively.
  • Able to build relationships with our writers, vet their pitches, and help them develop pieces.
  • Knowledge of SEO and content linking.
  • Comfortable using Google Drive, WordPress, Trello, Gmail, and Slack
  • Masterful command of American English; understanding of AP Style 
  • Track record of creating high-performing think pieces and viral content that drives traffic

Bonus points if you have a thorough understanding of sensitivity and highly sensitive people.


Writers submit articles for consideration
(as Google Docs, via email)

↓ ↓

Editor reviews submissions and chooses most promising pieces
(communicates with authors by email; sends rejections; tracks workflow in Trello)

↓ ↓ ↓

Editor does initial review and asks author to make changes if needed
(in shared Google Doc)

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Editor thoroughly edits; formats; adds links; chooses photo and social captions; and proofreads
(in shared Google Doc)

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Site founder gives article a “final review” and/or author approves final version

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

Editor passes to virtual assistant to load into WordPress

Goals and Deliverables

  • Editing: Produce 3-4 edited, finalized articles per week
  • Writing: Research and write 1-2 meaty, original articles of your own per month
  • Administrative: Proactively keep on top of new submissions and pitches; reduce submission response time to 2 weeks or less; build out a content “buffer” of 3+ months
  • Relationships: Maintain strong relationships with our regular writers and help identify & develop more writers


  • Position type: Contractor (1099/freelance worker)
  • Hours: This is a part-time, ongoing, long-term role. Starts at 10 hours/week with an expectation to expand in the future; we’re looking for someone to grow with us long-term.
  • Location: Work from home/remote. Ideally Central Time or within +3/-3 hours of Central Time, but we’re flexible on this for the right person. 
  • Volume of content production:
    • (Editing) Approximately 3-4 edited and finalized articles per week;
    • (Editing) Review several dozen submissions per week; and
    • (Writing) Write 1-2 original articles per month
    • We expect this to grow over time, and for the number of hours to increase; we are looking for an editor who believes in the sites and wants to ramp up working with us as we grow.
  • Communication: This position does require occasional video or phone meetings. Most daily communication is by Slack. 
  • Our vibe:
    • We are a small passionate organization, not a large media company. You will work closely with the co-founder, Andre, and our virtual assistant; that is pretty much the whole team.
    • While many of our writers are freelancers, therapists, or psychologists, others have no writing experience, just a story to tell. We value both kinds of writers.
    • You will often work largely on your own and be expected to hit deadlines/goals without constant oversight, and to communicate updates or problems proactively on your own initiative.
    • Day to day communication is friendly and positive, and feedback is delivered in a direct/honest but not blaming way.
    • We love helpful suggestions and will often greenlight you implementing them.
  • Examples of our favorite content:
  • Timeline: We are planning to move fast. The listing will remain open at least through April 28, 2023; if it is still open after that, we are still accepting applications. We will update this page if we close the listing.
  • Rate: Please specify your rate (per hour) in the application form (required).

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