Are Purpose-Driven HSPs the Trailblazers the World Needs?

A highly sensitive person leaning forward confidently

You may be wired to achieve big, impactful change — if you can align with your sensitive side. 

For far too long, those of us who are highly sensitive and empathic have been perceived and labeled as “weak,” “too sensitive” or ”’too emotional” because we feel everything strongly. We process information more deeply and pick up on all the subtleties around us before we draw any conclusions. We connect the dots that others do not perceive.

It is time for a reframe: Your “strong” feelings are your strength and superpower and the key to your success. Highly sensitive people (HSPs) and empaths are far from weak — we are open-minded. We are fair, honest and conscientious. And, because we do see the world a little differently, a lot of us have the capacity and potential to express that unique perspective as visionaries: ambitious, forward-thinking people who believe in the power of positive change.

I like to think of these fellow HSPs as “trailblazers” — they are leading the way, blazing a new trail, pathfinders within their chosen field or community, the ones who trust their intuition and the wealth of knowledge they have gathered.

Trailblazers tend to be the deep thinkers, thoughtful leaders and change-makers the world needs. 

We are the creatives, educators, therapists, coaches, carers, healers, advisors, artists, writers, musicians, problem-solvers, connectors, executives, environmentalists, and visionary entrepreneurs.

These highly sensitive trailblazers are carving out paths for the benefit of others — and influencing the world around them. For example:

  • They take time to understand others and lead with compassion 
  • Their creative expression soothes humanity and inspires those around them
  • Their innovative spirit improves the lives and experiences of so many.

So how does a highly sensitive person become a trailblazer? I believe it starts with alignment.

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What Is ‘Alignment’? 

Alignment means accepting the qualities that make you you — sensitivity and all — and embracing them to pursue goals that match your strengths. When you align yourself in this way, you begin to identify your purpose in life, empower your dreams and express your gifts, talents and skills. 

Alignment can help you achieve things, but it’s also a source of peace in your life. That’s because alignment is a place of contentment and peace and flow — something everyone deserves, particularly HSPs and empaths who have a tendency to put themselves last on their list of priorities.

It’s not always easy to embrace alignment. A lot of HSPs and empaths, myself included, spend many years trying to turn down the volume on our sensitivities in response to the world around us. This is an attempt to protect ourselves but it diminishes what we can offer to the world. We are experts in empathy after all, so while we give others what we can sense they want and need, we need to empower ourselves as well.

How Do You Align with Your True Purpose in Life?

Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You is a trailblazer in her own right — and she understands alignment. In her book she tells HSPs, “You were born to be among the advisors and thinkers, the spiritual and moral leaders of your society. There is every reason for pride.”

This simple line can tell you a lot about how to align with your purpose. As Aron goes on to explain:  

“The more aggressive cultures in the world… stem from an original social organization that divided people into two classes, the impulsive and tough warriors and kings on the one hand and the more thoughtful, learned priests, judges and royal advisors on the other. [T]he balance of these two classes is important to the survival of such cultures and most HSPs naturally gravitate to the royal advisor class.” 

It makes sense, doesn’t it?  The warrior kings want to be out there, competing, defending their territory, charging forward, whereas the royal advisor class “insists on stopping and thinking.”  They reflect and consider things more globally and take into account the needs of everyone involved.

This is what HSPs are meant to do. Highly sensitive people are intuitive, highly empathic, perceptive and creative problem-solvers; we are calm, pensive, cautious, empowering advisors who can help, inspire and soothe those around them.

(That doesn’t mean HSPs can’t be leaders. In fact, HSPs make some of the best leaders. It just means that even in a leadership position, sensitive people are at their best as thoughtful visionaries — a “philosopher king” rather than a warrior king.) 

In today’s world, HSPs have so much to offer every industry and pocket of society. We can connect with others, build relationships as considerate and mindful team players. We value connection, collaboration and contribution above competition — we have a high level of emotional intelligence which lends itself to effective leadership. And we hold space for the learning, healing and growth of HSPs and non-HSPs alike.

When you lean into this — both by building your goals around this idea, and by embracing the complicated sensitivities that will get you there — that is when you enter alignment. 

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The Absolute Best Way to Align Yourself as an HSP

One of the best ways to begin the process of aligning is to start working within your energy levels. By energy levels, I mean the amount of activity you need for your mind to be stimulated and active, without being overstimulated — and the amount of calm and peace you need, without your mind getting bored. 

Everyone has an optimal activity level that puts them at their best: not too tired, not overly stimulated, and not too bored. You can think of this as your “optimal level of energy flow.” When you keep yourself within this level of activity, you’re grounded and in-flow.

This activity level is different for every individual. Highly sensitive people hit their peak a lot quicker than non-HSPs. This sense of over-arousal or overstimulation applies to everyone, it is not a weakness on our part! We just need to become more self-compassionate and mindful of our energy flow to remain at our best.

And all HSPs are unique individuals — there are as many different ways to be sensitive as there are highly sensitive people. That means you will want to experiment to find the exact level of activity that is optimal for you, and start to build boundaries in your life to keep you within that level. This could include boundaries around your work hours, your work habits, protecting your downtime at home, reducing how many social declining invitations or obligations you agree to, setting boundaries with demanding or high-conflict people in your life, or even choosing to work for yourself — something I personally found to be a huge source of relief, increased energy, and productivity. 

Luckily, the endless ways to be sensitive also mean that there are endless ways to create inspired impact in the world. We HSPs are naturally drawn to impactful, heart-felt work, and no matter what your particular strengths and sensitivities may be, it is possible to start aligning and making a difference that is meaningful to as long as you stay within your energy levels.

Remember, your sensitivity is your superpower and the sooner you allow yourself to accept that, the sooner you can begin to make waves in the world and live your purpose. It is in knowing and appreciating your trait of high sensitivity that you will find empowerment — and start making the changes you want to make. 

If you are ready to align with your true path in life and leverage the strength of this wonderful trait, I’d like to invite you to download your own free copy of The HSP Alignment Code™ — and explore how you can find balance while making the impact you dream of. Learn more and download your copy here. 

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