11 Moments When You Really, Really Need an HSP

Portrait of a highly sensitive person (HSP)

If you’re facing one of these situations, you’re reeeeeeally going to want an HSP.

There are many positives to being a highly sensitive person (HSP). Some are less obvious than others and some remain hidden to the outside world. But what if all the non-HSPs around us knew just what we HSPs bring to the table, in all sorts of situations? 

HSPs have valuable traits and skills that benefit everyone around us — like our heightened intuition and the way we can read how others are feeling before they even utter a word. But there are particular situations where we truly come into our own. Here are 11 of those times. 

11 Moments Where You Really, Really Need an HSP

1. When a fire alarm goes off

Pre-empting danger is an HSP superpower. When that fire alarm goes off, you’ll be glad there’s a highly sensitive person around. We know exactly where the nearest fire escape is located. That notice on the back of the hotel door detailing what to do in an emergency? The one you ignored? We’ve studied it in detail between showering and coming down for dinner. Just in case. So be sure to follow us if that fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night and you’re stumbling around all sleepy eyed looking for safety. 

2. When an innovative solution is needed

HSPs are skilled in right brain thinking — we thrive on being able to hone in on an issue and put our problem-solving skills to the ultimate test. Our complex inner lives help us to tap into our creativity — and that translates into creative solutions for you. And be assured, our minds are always on the go mulling over issues, like a hamster on a wheel. In short, we are problem solvers extraordinaire… as long as you give us ample space and time to consider the matter at hand.

3. When you need a reminder that the small things matter, too

HSPs notice the details and thrive on the beauty of the little things around us: the wonder of drops of dew on the lush green leaves on a morning walk, the miracle of a deep crimson sky as the sun sets for the day, the simple joy a favorite piece of music evokes, the smile from a loved one as you enter a room, or a hug that soothes your soul. Even if it is just for a minute. We all get lost in our to-do lists and daily lives — and sometimes need a reminder that the small things may well be the things that matter most.

4. When you need to get things done

You don’t have to tell an HSP twice to get something done. If there’s something sensitive people are, it’s conscientious. Quite simply, we don’t like the consequences of not finishing an assigned task. If the environment is conducive to concentrating, then an HSP will get the job done. As the mother of two HSP middle schoolers, this trait is a godsend when it comes to getting that homework done. As a bonus, if the task relates to a cause that a highly sensitive person cares about, we require little supervision or external motivation. We will get it done.

5. When you need emotional support

When you are in need of a listening ear, then an HSP is there for you. Empathetic is our middle name. We pick up the emotional and non-verbal signals and body language, i.e., all the words you don’t say so you can’t hide emotions from us. We feel the mood in a room and soak up emotions like a sponge. We are invested. It is in our nature to offer a shoulder to lean, or cry, on when things are tough. Don’t ask us to fix your problems for you (that puts too much of a burden on us).But if a listening ear is what you need, then we are there for you. 

6. When you need to make an important decision

If thorough consideration, reflection, and a dash of intuition is what you need, then approach a highly sensitive soul for help. When we make decisions, we don’t make them lightly. You can be sure that we have considered every single pro and every single con — and carefully weighed them up against each other. We have truly considered every outcome. We mull over possible consequences prior to acting. We also remember previous mistakes, process them, and use the learnings to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Conversely, if you want a quick, impulsive decision, don’t come to us.

7. When you need someone to consider the meaning of life with you

We will happily be your sparring partner when it comes to discussing things that really matter: the injustice of it all, climate problems, inequality, our place in the world. What is our purpose? Why are we here? Spiritual matters occupy a space in our heads continually. It doesn’t mean we are religious, but the big complex issues facing the human race are definitely on our preferred conversation topic lists. The hefty challenges facing humanity matter deeply to us. Are you interested in small talk? No thanks.

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8. When you need the errors weeded out

HSPs are perceptive. Tasks that require high attention to detail are tasks made just for us. We see mistakes without looking for them — they seem to jump out at us on a page. We’re the people that can’t just overlook and forgive an error in the book we’re reading; we’re scouring for contact details and emailing the publisher so they can sort it out for the next edition. (That’s not just me, right?) We see errors as if there’s a flashing neon arrow pointing to them. We spot them so you can sidestep them. (You’re welcome.)

9. When you need a good party organizer

We revel in spreading joy and excitement. HSPs like to make others feel good. Situations where people can be together and experience happiness? We are there for you. Attention to detail, anticipating the needs of others, tapping into the emotions of others, thorough planning so that nothing is left to chance, and checking the details, not just once or twice, but meticulously — all skills that make us excellent party organizers. Just please don’t organize a big surprise celebration for us in return.

10. When you need a leader

For all the reasons above, HSPs make effective leaders. As empathetic listeners, HSPs lead with heart and soul and understand the needs of others. They also encourage team members to make valuable contributions and ensure that all voices are heard within a team. Because these are things that genuinely matter to an HSP in the workplace. On the other hand, if you are looking for a leader that dedicates themselves to office politics, lacks ethics, and puts profit first at the expense of people, then put that HSP to the bottom of your selection list.

11. When you need a friend… for life

Quality over quantity: that’s the HSP motto when it comes to friendship. Once you have truly been let into a HSP’s inner circle, you are there for life. Need somebody that seems to know what you are thinking? Has your back when you need support? Makes you feel heard and appreciated? Provides a listening ear and an insightful response? That’s a highly sensitive person. When the friendship is genuine, you get to see the real version of your highly sensitive friend. And that is something special indeed. 

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